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Assalamualaikum Readers~

I'm Hazwaniey
My memorable kindergarten was Tadika ABIM
My 1st primary school was SK St. Nicholas Convent & moved to SK Convent.
Still, secondary school SMK Convent.
Form 4, most lucky to go to Kem Bina Asas -Birotatanegara [Kem Ulu Kenas Perak]
& have such unforgettable memories until now.
Ex national service trainees at Kem PLKN White Resort Balik Pulau [kump.1 siri8/2011]-Hornet..this has given me the greatest impact on my life.
Ex Penang Matriculation College Students [Batch 2011/2012]-Module 1
Currently studying at UiTM Shah Alam [Food Tech].
Commander Kesatria at UiTM Shah Alam.

I do laugh/smile when serious time. <--*the awkward moment*

-phobia with cats. Don't ask me why-

Berblogging since 2010 but now this is the new one. ^^V

**Gazillion means more than billion & trillion.

Kalau kita pandai sampai ke PHD sekalipun, jika kita jahil ilmu agama, kitalah insan paling bodoh di dunia. Kerana ilmu dunia itu untuk kesenangan SEMENTARA, walhal ilmu agama itu untuk kesenangan DUNIA AKHIRAT..

that's all :)

Allahumma solli 'ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa 'ala ali Sayyidina Muhammad

Thanks For Reading. Get me your feedback[s] below. :)

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