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Monday, June 10, 2013

A planner

Assalamualaikum readers

Morning! =)

Pleasant day walaupun serabut. Thinking possibilities while listing events, works, assignments, tests, quizzes and our plan on my head. Sounds like so many. Yet it is. HAHA. K enough, focusing one by one.

I think I'm gonna stuck again with the minit mesyuarat. Oh-aa-hurm. A'-ha meeting - makes me curious about everything. Waaaa-waaaa-waa REFRESHMENT. grr~ Na na na...when to revise buku kawad? =(  then goodluck girl. haha.

Let's talk about test. wuuuu~ TTS test on Saturday okay! Academic, well of course. This is a busy week. Stay strong. heheh.. Wait, last, dinner. Masquerade? Errrrr~ I knew this theme, very femes kan.

Everything was so near. The fact is FINAL just around  the corner. *glup*
All we need to do is simple, just TRUST IN ALLAH, HE is the best of planners. Jazzakallah (Allâh will reward for your goodness).

Cool, everything can be settled. muahaha. Bye! Wish me BEST-luck. =)
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