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Friday, May 03, 2013

Make Things Happen!

Assalamualaikum readers . . .

Iron man 3. Awesome as expected. :)
Finally..after a long time never watched movie in cinema. I remembered the last time I watched was about 14 years ago.
The next day – Labour day. So night seems longer than usual. Yes it is. Just like an overnight.

Upcoming events:
FESKOM : 11 & 12 of May.
KEBINA 2 will be on 17, 18 and 19 of May.
Family Day is right after KKEC, on the 1st June. 

Last week and the last two weeks, I've gone through quite a great time. Seniors the best, caring and amazing.

Who does't like people care about you, right... Sometimes feel troublesome. **Feeling guilty.

Good or bad, there's wisdom behind the delay KKEC. I found it.

Know what? Before, I NEVER poison my mind with negative things. Now I always feel BAD

I believe that I'm stuck. That's why.

Sometimes I did those things just to recover situation. The fact is I make it WORSE. See...I always lost :( What good is I just knew my weaknesses.

Admit that all these are learning progress. I learnt -  how it was when you're really tired, how it was when people talks something bad behind you, how it was when stress comes in sudden, how it was when nobody ignore you, how it was when someone betrayed you, how it was the time you felt sooo awkward, how it was when you're completely scared, how it was when you're stuck in between, how it was when someone get mad on you while you're innocent, how it was when there's somebody who concern about you, how it was when you're totally down, how it was when you're at the bottom, how it was when you're called JUNIOR and more. I feel it so I said.

Yes, it's normal but I still don't understand why I can't manage it. Help (T_T)

Wondering. Like I'm the one facing problems. Am I too bad? :(

And I must thanked that person for advising/reminding/whatever. Thanks a lot. At least I know.

"[Stupid. Naive.]"  really?
#abuse of power??  

#Accidentally read & it's TRUE.
"dalam hidup,kita x selalu best,kita perlu sesuaikan diri dengan keadaan,mmg mcm nie la melayu,x tahan cket blah ..." -Fb

Hope there's a person who'll make me smile again.
Hrmmm, in conclusion, ignore talkative people who don't get involve at all with my life and say "It's nothing". Non of your bussiness. Kbye.

Dear people, please value your time. You've 24 hours per day. So I am. It just how you use it up.
Let's take a moment to say Alhamdulillah for everything we have.

P.S. : Real life is challenging. Believe!

Thanks For Reading. Get me your feedback[s] below. :)

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