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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Weak Week


Happy thursday guys.

coffee =)

Hrm, last Saturday quite a disaster day. Most probably they thought that we people here having the same routine: Sleep AFTER 1 a.m. . Fine. Whatever, I don't like last saturday.

Sunday was GOOD. heheh. Free~~~~ yeah. A lot things done. :)
After all tired after training.

Monday : Hardcore training for Jalan Lasak. I was like "ermmmm ...." when someone seeking for advise. The truth - I just same as you or maybe worst. I always improve myself for helping teams. When I felt weak, just remember that they helped you a lot. why not push for the sakE of FAMILY KKEC.

Tuesday. Sigh. That's how it feel when I lost phone. Haha serve your right. That night. Something that I don't wanna hear. Punctuality out. Yes it's true. Mentality. Common. Weak. Yes I am. But I do try. How hard to throw away mental when I was running with bag. All because I wanna help my team. Cry. Yes, me again.

Most regrets, diappoint, touched. I don't know how the other 5 people felt. Yup, senior is always right. I can't deny. We can't deny. You junior, shut up and follow. Then, no more calling this as a family. Kbye.

LISTEN ! LISTEN ! Tonight, INSPECTION!! kahkah. Ready =P

A week like this. haha. But then macam kemas jugak la.

Thanks For Reading. Get me your feedback[s] below. :)

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