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Sunday, July 07, 2013

2 more


Morning :)))  It's Monday!
ching ching ya ya ya. 7 days gaps gimme space to write the last entry before finish second semester. (seems like)

8 -->   9 --> 10 --> 11 --> paper PHY CHEM --> 13 --> paper STATISTICS --> HOME

Yeayyy tak sabar 14hb. Then cuti panjang. This time tiada halangan lagi. HAHA. Ade orang tu dah ambil dulu lesen kete. Tak tunggu. Fine, kbye.

Ha, itulah the crucial thing I wanna do this semester break. So hope no more postpone. Ade lagi yang  nak buat time cuti ni. Kena fikir secara mendalam so that tak terlepas dalam cuti yang berharga ni.

Untuk jadi PM (Pembantu Mahasiswa) memang tak. Haha. Rajin plak nak datang awal. No lah. Manfaatkan cuti ni. Dalam bulan puasa plak tu. So nice. 2 hari lagi  :)

Well..Officially said, with all of my heart, THANKS to those sincerely support me throughout this challenging semester. To those who knows how I gone through this 2nd semester. Honestly,  hard times. There's people always there for me through thick and thin. THANK YOU for being by my side.
classmate: I knew some are quite understanding our(Me, Pkah, Syaril) condition. I appreciate for those who cares and lend helping hands. And sorry for maybe I had trouble to some of you.

Bulan mulia, bulan kebahagiaan, welcome RAMADAN.

Okay study. Fighting!!! =P

Thanks For Reading. Get me your feedback[s] below. :)

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