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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

'L' 'E' 'A' 'D' 'E' 'R' - am I?

Assalamualaikum readers! =)

Since the college registration, it was so hard being the "penumpang" with some technical cases. But now I was very thankful placed in this comfort room with my new roommate, ANIS :)  Introducing, Anis is from Faculty of Computer Science & Maths taking Artificial Intelligent. She’s Kelantanese,  friendly and kind.

MDK – Minggu Destini Komander
[so called orientation]

Not these things I wanna say out.

Honestly, being a commander is truly “bad”. The worst thing I’ve make in my life. It’s the matter of choice and decision. I know I’m down at the last “thing/activity” they were doing on the last night of MDK. I felt worst, some like horrendous. And so I know I wouldn’t did all that if I’m not here. The words “one for all, all for one” at first maybe hurt. But no one can get along alone. Believe.

**bad doesn’t refer negative but there’s something behind it.

Imagine,, I used to be a national service trainees after SPM. Indicating that these two (plkn & commander) are totally different. I doubt my feelings. The time I was thinking of “QUIT”, in my mind, it causing trouble. Better don’t. One thing is my interest towards it. And there are friends, family & senior commanders who will definitely stop me from doing this kind of stupid decision.

Now I’m looking at my uniform and saying to myself, “You’ve wearing it few times, so keep on wearing..”

Last night was miserable. Allah shows me things I wanna know, things I still dunno and it’s well induced me.

Supposedly I’ve been somebody who is strong enough to stand within yell and sort of. Yet I’m turned into a person of soft-hearted & easy come out with tears. I just wonder why. =’(   what kind of person am I?

Since MDK is far away different from LIBK, I’m not going to story/share the moment here.  Sorry. These things have crazed me a lot. At normal condition, I am just a girl of nothing to afraid/scared/crying for with punishment & hell. So, good luck for another world.

My course (Food Tech) is the second hardest course after Medic. So, what can I say is try to prove that I can SURVIVE.

Next waiting for me: Refreshment. Hope everything will be ok!

To Anis: BE strong & don’t quit!

P.S. :wish me all the best.

Thanks For Reading. Get me your feedback[s] below. :)

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