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Monday, July 23, 2012


Assalamualaikum dan Salam Ramadan dear Readers & Bloggers..

Siapa yang baca entri 1st MISSION end, 2nd MISSION fighting yang sebelum ni dah ada sebut pasal medical check-up nih.. Betul la anggarannya memang LAMA. 4 jam lebih jugak lar~

Seriously tired just because waiting! Arrived exactly at 8 and I'm the 1st person ready to be checked. But then someone told 8.15 just the counter opened. WAITED, PATIENT. When counter opened, they gave a flow chart. So, easier to walk here walk there, up and down. 1st thing? 


It's just a chest X-ray. My first time to got through this! So what? I'm excited! Cehh~~ =.="
After got the film, my dad and I follow the flow. Upstairs. Check what?


Okay, this also my 1st time. And I'm not excited about it. O_o  Not in front the doctor like in the cartoon k.. -_- This time I'm starting to get boring already. There's 1 small TV and you know what are they treating us to watch? It's Spongebob. Oh My, most are old people and adults. What laa.. Before got into each turn, some slept on chair. After done, what more?


Checking eyes, height, weight, pulse, colour vision and BP. My eyes was okay. Luckily I could see the tiny number on that far. No need to make spec! yeay!! ^_^# What happened to weight is...underweight. HUH?! I dropped 1 KG some more! My BP is low. It means low blood pressure. Hoho~ Then, the last one, I need to wait for certification by doctor.

 I've to wait for my number like a thousand years! Current number was 1062 and my number was 1106. har?! 44 person more. This time I'm getting super bored. So many people slept on chair. Very sleepy and tired. WAITED like ERRR~~~ 
On my turn, happy already. 

DOCTOR : [loolking at my form] Shah Alam? What course?
ME : Food Sc and Tech.
DOCTOR : Oh.. [smiling]

Once I gave my report form, I saw the doctor staring somewhere on my form.

DOCTOR : Why is your BP is very low? Go to where you checked just now and come here again.

Oh no~~~ I waste my time go checked again. Haizz~ I've to WAIT 15 mins. =.=
Checked. Still low. Checked again. Then rushed back to the doctor. She wasn't satisfied, checked AGAIN by herself. But then still low. Haiyaa~ What she did you know? HENTAM. Put there 100. Finished. Haha. She took a look at my X-RAy film, checked my mouth and everything went right. Alhamdulillah finally...long and tiring day.

Dah nak berbuka ni, see ya. Eh jap jap jap. Apesal entri kali ni english plak ye?? :D hehehe Takde lah, saje tukar mood. Selalu BM je bosan jugak kan? Next time kite buat bahasa lain plak ye ^^" 

Memang pintu keampunan Allah itu tidak pernah tertutup. Tetapi kita sendiri tidak mengetahui bilakah saatnya Allah benar-benar hendak menerima taubat kita.
Namun, di dalam Ramadhan, jelas Allah mengisyaratkan janjiNya: “Buat begini, Aku ampunkan.”
Allahumma solli 'ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa 'ala ali Sayyidina Muhammad

Thanks For Reading. Get me your feedback[s] below. :)


  1. Haha standard procedure la MC ni. Tapi awat Blood Pressure awak rendah? Jarang dengar orang darah rendah, biasa darah tinggi je.

    1. Entah laa. Haha. Doktor cakap tak cukup zat.